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Fall Field Guide


How sad it is when we expect very little growth in the Chris an life. We often see simply a reflection on of the world’s values. Instead of articulating Scripture and truth, we are weary travelers addicted to the glow of triviality.

Would you surrender your life to the cross of Jesus Christ all over again? Drink deeply of the fountain of God and you will find your nourishment and joy again. You will become holier in your thoughts, will be led to further repentance of sin, and will desire prayer, worship and evangelism.

We desire to be a church that is Text-driven, Spirit filled and trains our members in spiritual disciplines like memorization, Bible study, prayer, and journaling.

Therefore, this journal provides a church wide Bible reading plan, and a list of core doctrinal questions, memory verses and Unreached Unengaged People Group (UUPG) to pray for. We also have provided our church members’ birthdays so you can pray for them.

We ask that you meet with God individually through Bible reading and prayer.

If you are a parent, guide your children in a spiritual conversation on about what you are learning one to three times a week.

This field guide can also be used as a springboard for discussions in a small discipleship group.

Don't have your field guide yet? Come any Wednesday night or Sunday morning to pick one up.