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How do I disciple my kids?

Parents have been called by God to be the spiritual influencer in their children’s lives. (Deut 6, Eph 4). It is the role of the church to come alongside, equip parents, serve as a bridge to children and youth with no Christian parents, and to assist in training children.  

Therefore, we desire to be a church that is parent equipping, text-driven, and trains our members in spiritual disciplines like memorization, Bible study, prayer, and journaling. We also desire to challenge teenagers to grow in greater depth of understanding regarding the gospel, key doctrines, and apologetics. 

We realized that parents are incredibly busy, and need a plan that doesn’t pull them in a variety of directions. They need simplicity, not complexity in finding a solutions to how to intentionally disciple their children. Nassau Bay Baptist will provide a simple, and historically successful plan. 


Everyone has the same plan, but with differing depth and expectations.

This fall we will provide each family unit a church wide Bible reading plan, and a list of Core doctrinal questions, and memory verses. This plan will be the same for all ages. Adults and youth can choose between a Bible insert or a journal that provides the plan. Children (pre-K to 5th) will be given an age appropriate workbook that assists them in their developmental level. 

We expect adults and children to have memorized a minimum of 25-30 verses and 20-25 Core doctrinal questions each year. This means 1 verse a week (excluding summer and some holiday weeks) and one Core Question every two weeks through the fiscal year (Sept-May). The goal is approximately 200 full verses and 150 Core Q and A memorized at the end of 6 years. The youth ministry will follow the same plan, but encourage greater depth of understanding by helping students articulate and defend the truth.


Parents meet with God and pass their learning onto their children.

We ask that parents meet with God individually through Bible reading and prayer. Then, they guide their children in a spiritual conversation one to three times a week for using the children’s workbook. These conversations will be intentional, based off of something the parents read in their own personal time with God. Children can write or draw something the parent is teaching them from God’s Word. They can also spend time alone reading, praying and journaling in their workbook privately. 


We will remind and reinforce on Sundays and Wednesday nights as a helpful method of success.

During Sunday School, kids will still go through the Gospel Project, but teachers will remind students of the Core Questions and the verse they are memorizing that week. The youth will use Explore the Bible on Sunday mornings and will reinforce what is happening in homes on Sunday nights during Discipleship Training.

For children, BLAST is our new Wednesday night program that will help parents by reinforcing what is happening at home. There will be three structured times for kids. Game time is designed for fun. Teaching Time will provide a Bible study or Missions Moment as well as Apologetic training for older kids. Review Time will be a time to leaders to review the memory verses, and Core questions and use of their workbook. Kids will be grouped in two ways. Moon Walkers (ages 3-2nd) and Space Explorers (3rd to 5th). 


Our youth and children’s ministries will provide a Reward System.

During Blast, t-shirts will be given for each age group and kids will be given a series of fun rewards to encourage their participation including BLAST bucks, Lock-Ins and visual markers they will put in their workbooks. There will be great events that encourage family participation including the Grand Prix and Family Movie Night. The youth will also have a reward system in place. 


We will help connect and train Parents.

On Wednesday nights from 6pm to 7pm, we will provide small discipleship groups for parents to connect with other parents. These small groups are times of intentional discussion with 3-5 people of the same gender. No workbooks are needed as men and women meet to share about what they read that week in the God’s Word. They will also share about personal struggles they are applying the gospel with, or are intentionally discipling their children at home.


Why are we replacing AWANA’s?

Rather than replacing, we are refashioning the Awana’s program to fit our church-wide discipleship plan. Currently Awana’s stands alone as it’s own program with no direct link to our youth ministry or Sunday School. By changing to Blast it frees our church to build off of what was learned in the children’s ministry and capitalize upon it in the youth ministry. It also allows us to be more intentional with parents, giving them a simplified method of discipleship in their home. 

Will the kids like this as much as Awana’s?

Yes! All of the elements that children love in Awana’s will still be represented and calendared through BLAST. This includes group games, the fun reward system, Grand Prix, Lock-In’s and other fun events. We will also be able to provide a variety of different prizes and rewards that we couldn’t offer before. 

Will this be as challenging as Awana’s?

Yes! But in differing ways. Awana’s strength is in the volume of Scripture memory. However, these verses are not always connected with a doctrinal question. Rather than quickly memorizing, reciting and moving to the next verse, we want to train our children to read the Bible, ask questions, and to be challenged to think deeply about truth and articulate that truth. In addition, the current student-paced workbooks can reduce a parent’s role in leading their children, with parents often signing off on where the child has decided to be. Scripturally, a child’s discipleship should be parent-directed.

Our education ministry will expect children and youth and adults to have memorized a minimum of 25-30 verses and 20-25 Core doctrinal questions each year. This means 1 verse a week and one Core Question every two weeks through the fiscal year (Sept-May). The goal is approximately 200 full verses and 150 Core Q and A memorized. Not only that, each workbook will provide daily pages to guide children to read the Scripture, ask questions, and record a response. Like Awanas, our students eager for more challenge will have bonus verses provided.

Do parents have to participate in this for the child to succeed? 

No. If a child’s parents don’t participate in any form of this program, this is designed that a child can do this at home and be as self-paced as Awana’s. We have scheduled built in review time on Wednesday nights designed to help children accomplish the goals. However, the children that have parent’s involved is the goal and plan, whether they use our Bible reading plan or another. 

Can a child join the program at any time?

Yes! At any year a child can join the program and not miss out on the plan. After the 5th grade, our youth ministry repeats the same verses but goes into greater depth for understanding and articulation. 

Can my kids finish their Awana’s book?

Yes! Simply contact Susan Bumpass and she will arrange a time to review books and make that happen. 

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